Bhima Koregaon: The battle between writer and director


Rahul Pagare

rahul pagare 1Bhima Koregaon is an epitome of glory, bravery, and courage that our ancestors gifted us by sacrificing their lives. The freedom which we got in 1818 is more significant than any other kind of independence. This freedom gave birth to the revolutionary Mahatma Phule, the super courageous Shahu Maharaj, and the nation builder Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. All of them have taken inspiration from the 500 avengers who fought the battle in bone chilling winter by traveling miles and defeating a massive force of 28,000 peshwa soldiers.

A period movie is something that should resonate with that specific period for the audiences. Therefore, creating a film around Bima Koregaon is a daunting task, and whoever takes up the responsibility to hold the baton should be welcomed whole-heartedly by the community. We would also take pride in promoting this good deed.

But when we talk about the upcoming film, The Battle of Bhima Koregaon, introduced as as a film in the genre of equality, we can sense that it has generated controversies before the wrapping up of the final shoot itself: the cat-fight that has started between the writer Arun Shinde and the director Ramesh Thete. Arun Shinde comes from a film and television background, while the director Ramesh Thete is a retired civil servant who had served in the Madhya Pradesh cadre.

The film's issue is so silly that both director and the writer are fighting over social media rather than solving the problem in a private space. Here are some of the links which covered the controversies.





They should both know that the country still looks at us as one community, so if they are fighting over silly issues, they are not labeling only themselves as fools but also our society as a whole. It will be better to have clear communication with each other and update the people as soon as possible.

The Battle of Bhima Koregaon film poster

Social work is a throne of pride and prejudice, but our people are more interested in prejudice than creating communal harmony. After a long time, we can see a film about our history, made by our own people. But bringing each other down on social media and showing the world how one is greater than another is nothing but foolishness!

As a community, we request both of you creative personalities to solve the issues like mature indivduals. One thing you should never forget, people are watching everything.

Many youths are waiting to see the magic of film-making by our own brethren on the big screen. They are looking to you people with high hopes. If the cat-fight is the ultimate conclusion, they all will lose their hopes of making a career in the film industry and the rat race rather than creating their own space in society.

Finally, if the film has done pure justice to history, we assure you that we will take the film to the 100 crore club and above. But if not, be ready to welcome the criticism from both inside and outside the community. Best wishes!



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