Karuna rakes up brahmin-dalit distinction to attack Jaya

Chennai : While asking whether it was fair to write a final judgment against former telecom minister A. Raja in the 2G spectrum controversy only on the basis of CAG’s “presumptive opinion”, chief minister and DMK president M. Karunanidhi launched a scathing attack on AIADMK supremo, Ms Jayalalithaa, by raking up the brahmin-dalit divide in society.

“Is there one justice for sudras, and another one for Brahmins, who develop their belly without performing any work?” he quoted poet Bharathi and concluded the seven-page statement by asserting, “In Tamil Nadu, there is no rebirth for Manu dharma” which advocates “one justice for self and another one for sudras”.

Hours after the CAG report was tabled in Parliament, Mr Karunanidhi came in defence of Mr Raja and said the report had “only stated that it was a presumptive loss”. In a statement, he asked whether it was fair to write a final judgment on the basis of presumption.

Mr Karunanidhi recalled past instances of how Ms Jayalalithaa had vehemently protested the CAG when the audit body found fault with her regime.

He said the Supreme Court had commented that she was making a mockery of the judicial process in a case on her alleged evasion of IT. He said CAG had pointed out mistakes on several schemes implemented by the AIADMK government. It had castigated her government for the potential loss of `1,033 crore due to short levy of taxes in 2003-04, he said. In the same year, CAG had pointed out that there was no uniform procedure in disposing of land owned by Tansi.

While Tansi sold land to Jaya Publications, of which Ms Jayalalithaa was a partner, at `1,350 per square metre, the adjacent land was sold at `2,080 per sq m, he said.

“Did Jayalalithaa resign then?” Mr Karunanidhi said, adding that it was unfortunate that such a dubious person is the leader of the Opposition in Tamil Nadu.


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