Continued desecration of Ambedkar statues in Andhra Pradesh

Appeal from National Dalit Forum

Please write to the addressed authorities by fax, post, or by email, in the format suggested below. Please also talk to them by phone (numbers are listed alongside each public official's name) and pressurize them for the immediate arrest and punishment of culprits involved in the desecration of 4 Ambedkar Statues in Amalapuram and one Ambedkar Statue in Dhavaleshwaram in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. 



Mr. E.S Lakshmi Narasimhan, Governor of Andhra Pradesh, Raj Bhavan, Raj Bhavan Road, Hyderabad, Office: 040-23310521 Residence: 040-23310521, Fax: 040-23312650, Mail – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mr. Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Office Address: 'C' Block, 6th Floor, AP Secretariat, off: 23456698, Fax: 23410555, FAX: 040 – 23452498, E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mrs. Sabitha Indra Reddy, Home Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Office: J Block No: 801, AP Secretariat, Phone: 040-23457687/ 23750225, Cell: 9848033090


Mr. V. Dinesh Reddy, Director General of Police, Opp Ravindra Bharathi, Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh, Phone – 040-23235170 /23351612, Fax 040- 23296565, Email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Superintendent of Police, Pithapuram Road, Kakinada, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh

Phone: 0884- 2363000, Fax-0884- 2361644, Cell – 094407 96500


District Collector & District Magistrate, Collectorate, R.R.Road Kakinada, East Godavari district

Andhra Pradesh, Phone 0884 2361200 Fax- 08842353480


The Station House Officer, Police Station, Amalapuram, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh,

Phone -08856 – 231033, 094407 96561


The Station House Officer, Police Station, Dhavaleshwaram, East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh

Phone- 0883 – 2417433 , 94407 96586

Subject – Continued desecration of Ambedkar Statues in Andhra Pradesh. Arrest and punishment of culprits – Regarding

Dear Sir / Madam

You are aware about the unfortunate incidents of desecrating 4 Ambedkar statues in Amalapuram town and surrounding villages on the night of 22nd January 2012. Newspapers and TV Channels reported that one politically and financially influential community is involved in this anti-social activity as a reaction to a statement of a Dalit Parliament member.

This is the 4th day after the heinous series of incidents i.e., desecration of Ambedkar statues. The State Government, and the police have literally failed to identify and arrest the accused in this case. This negligent attitude of the police and the administration has emboldened the culprits and they desecrated another Ambedkar statue in Dhavaleshwaram town on the night of 25th January, a day before the Republic day. This is a big shame on us, and disrespectful of our constitution. This shows the kind of respect we are paying to the Father of our Constitution, Dr.B.R.Ambedkar, on the Republic day, while celebrating commencement of the Constitution of India.

People of Andhra Pradesh, and Dalits in particular, are expressing many doubts on the approach of the police and officials of the administration and suspect that they may have colluded with the accused involved in this case, helping them to manage to escape arrest and punishment according to law.

The attack on Ambedkar statues is an attack on the democratic and constitutional values; He is the Father of the Constitution of India, and also the First Law Minister of India. It is high time the Andhra Pradesh Government acted resolutely to save its face in front of the international civil society.

Hence you are requested to conduct a thorough inquiry into the incidents of desecration of 4 Ambedkar Statues in Amalapuram and surrounding villages on 22nd January 2012, and 1 Ambedkar Statue in Dhavaleshwaram on 25th night January 2012.

The culprits should not go unpunished, arrest them immediately and punish them according to law.

Yours Sincerely




[From here; thanks, Karthik Navayan]

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