Stop December Pogrom!


Rachelle Bharathi Chandran

stop december pogrom


all the posts said

little did they know that it was not


It was Kristallmorgen




In Kashmir

In Assam

It had been kristalltage

for dalits,


But, this december

came a terrible blut


That made the trees weep

because their progeny

lay bare with blut

In bullets and fire

Who dare enters our homes

Where we enshrine our children

their anguished cry,


Others, busy listening to the axe-cutters.

They have cut us!

They have cut us!

tears of sap

flows through clear

for blood is precious

blood is necessary

blood is taken away

to create a Kristallnacht

of one colour.



Rachelle Bharathi Chandran is a writer whose writing centers on the Dalit experience and the various marginalized intersections within it. Zer professional work includes writing on health and education as a content marketing specialist.

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